All participants in SF ILSP are invited to attend a variety of educational workshops and community events each month. 

Find out what's on the schedule and check for important announcements. 

The San Francisco Independent Living Skills Program serves foster care and probation-involved youth ages 16-20 as they prepare for adulthood and independence.

Support and Community



In every position and at every level, the staff at SF ILSP are dedicated to helping young people succeed.  

Reach out to staff with any questions or concerns about the program.

SF ILSP offers group and individualized services to support our young people's pursuit of their education, employment, and life goals. 

Learn about the services available and eligibility requirement. 

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We want young people to have all the knowledge and support they need as they transition to independent living. 

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30 Harriet Street
San Francisco, CA 94103


Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm

Contact Information

Toll-Free: 800-818-2989
Phone: 415-230-3980
Fax:  415-230-3981