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Workshops in October: If you attend a workshop on a Tuesday or Thursday this month, you can receive a $25 gift card and dinner for your participation.

First Foundation Workshops are for First Foundation members ONLY

10th: ILSP is closed for staff training.

11th/25th: Beat Within is a writing workshop where you can discuss topics and write published stories. All workshops are at ILSP.

16th: Learn about setting boundaries and being able to stand up for yourself. An outside organization, KidPower is leading this workshop!

22nd: Get your hair cut and styled at ILSP for FREE. Appointment only so call ahead and reserve a 30 minute time slot.

31st: Annual Halloween party ​at ILSP! Play games, compete in costume contest, eat food and participate in raffle. 4-6 at ILSP.

Drop in hours:

Monday 12pm-6pm

Tuesday-Friday: 10am-6pm

October Highlights!
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Check out the education, employment, housing, and healthy living workshops availble every month.